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In Brazil, Pirelli
is always Top of Mind!

For eight years, Pirelli has been the most remembered brand by the male audience. How do we know that? Every single year since 1991, Datafolha Institute, a statistical company belonging to the Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, has been asking the same question to a representative sample of the population, “What's the first brand that comes to your mind?". The list of questions of this survey allow us to know which brands are stuck in the Brazilians’ minds. Throughout the years, the only changes in this survey involved how the data was gathered and processed. So, the gathered data allows us to make comparisons since the first survey.

Pirelli has been the most remembered brand by the male audience since the creation of the Male category in 2009. This means that the company is the most mentioned by men among all the other companies in the survey. In its industry, the tire manufacturer reigns supreme. Since the Tire Manufacturer category was introduced in the Top of Mind survey 14 years ago, the brand has been the winner in all its editions and this year with 47% of the preferences, far away from the first competitor that got 9% of the votes.

In this 2016 edition, Pirelli wins with 61% of interviewees remembering its name in the Male Audience Top category 14% over the media. A new record for the brand that is at the Brazilian hearts for so many years.

According to Datafolha Institute, this year’s survey has been the biggest since the award’s creation – now it encompasses around 70 brands in 59 categories. Just so you know, in its first edition there were 12 surveyed categories.

Why Top of Mind?
No wonder Pirelli has been the first ranked in the Brazilian hearts and minds.
Its supreme success in the tire industry is testimony to the excellence of its products. At the same time, being the most remembered brand by the general male audience, winning over manufacturers from others sectors which, one might think, would be easier to recall, shows how strong the brand is in its trajectory in Brazil for more than 85 years.

The manufacturer gets directly involved in important issues for society, such as the restoration and maintenance of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro Janeiro, and its online platform work on bracosabertos.com, in which there is a set of stories to bring out the best in people for the whole country. 

Also, for more than 50 years Pirelli has been releasing its famous Calendar, The Cal™, expressing, year after year, the beauty and the customs changed by time.

Pirelli has also been intimately involved with the best in motorsports, from Formula 1® to Formula Truck, Stock Car, Brazilian Championship of Brands, Brazilian Championship of Touring Cars, Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge, Mit Rally, Superbike, and Brazilian Championship of Motocross.

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