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Pirelli sponsors Alpine World Ski Championship and ice hockey from 2017 to 2021

Milan, 25 November 2016. Sports on snowy or even icy playing fields. A combination that has kindled the agnostic instinct of Pirelli, involved in over 300 motorsport championships, many of which are rallies on snow and ice, and is rekindled with two new initiatives bearing P lunga logo: the sponsorship of the Alpine World Ski Championship FIS and the Ice Hockey World Championship IIHF.

Leader in winter tyre first equipment, Pirelli has agreed on a three-year sponsorship of the Alpine World Ski Championship FIS (International Ski Federation) with Infront Sports and Media. The colours of the P Lunga will accompany the 2017, 2019 and 2021 editions of the World Championship. The first meet will be held from February 6th to the 19th in Saint Moritz, where there will be competing 600 athletes, from 70 nations, all of which followed by over a billion spectators worldwide.
The World Championships join other Pirelli winter sponsorships in place in Italy, Switzerland and Russia, key markets for the winter tyre with the P lunga.
Again in 2017 Pirelli will be partnering with FISI (Federazione Italiana Sport Invernale) and be joining the Italian athletes in the championships around the world throughout the next season. 
Pirelli also reconfirms for the seventh consecutive year its commitment to Swiss-Ski (Swiss ski federation).

The commitment of Pirelli alongside FIS will continue into the 2019 Åre (Sweden) and 2021 Cortina (Italy) Championships, where the slopes, as will be seen in Saint Moritz 2017, will be coloured Pirelli red and yellow.

After the sponsorship of the Ice Hockey World Championship finals in Russia this year, the first meet of Pirelli with ice hockey will be held in May, for the 2017 World Championship organized by the IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) to be held between Cologne and Paris. Also in this case the commitment of Pirelli will continue into 2021 and will cover the championships hosted in Denmark (2018), Slovakia (2019), Switzerland (2020) and Finland or Belarus (both official candidates for 2021). As with the slopes of the ski finales, the colours of the Pirelli will be the backdrop of the athletes competing on the Hockey rink.

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