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Smart is beautiful.
Tyre revolution

Taking aim at the prestige shop windows along the main avenues of the world. The installation, housed within 4 x 2.5 x 2.5 meters, is the main sight of the most foot trafficked locations in both the airport and train station of the Swiss city, which hosts the international press of the automotive world. From an iron wrought birdcage, colour birds emerge, each designed and realized in paper by artist and art director Carlo Urgese.

A symbol of the “colour is free” message. Within the installation stands out two clear neon lit messages “Tyre revolution” and “Smart is beautiful”:  evidence of a new way to view tyres, which  from this point forward are “beautiful and intelligent”. And what’s more this original “space” presents itself as a selfie opportunity for the numerous people that will flow through the city. A simple shot to share on Instagram with the hashtag #InColor: The color revolution has officially begun!

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