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How to create a
Pirelli Performance Centre

Whilst ‘#ThePerfectFit’ certainly pertains to our tailor-made tyres, the concept takes on a whole new meaning once you step through the door of a Pirelli Performance Centre. PPCs are a network of hand-selected UK tyre dealers, each having passed a rigorous audit to ensure the highest levels of customer-focused service and technical proficiency. This concept is embodied entirely in a single, made-to-measure site founded near Pirelli’s UK headquarters in Burton-on-Trent. Featuring the latest in industry equipment, and a rather nice waiting area, the site serves as both a retail site for local customers and as a centre of excellence for the entire network.

So beyond the painstakingly selected tiles and eye-catching artwork, what goes into creating a PPC like the one found in Burton? And what does it take for existing businesses to join the Pirelli Performance Centre network? Since the inception of the PPC concept, the objective was to raise standards within the tyre trade. So, in order to join the programme, a depot must meet the required high standards and complete demanding technical audits to ensure Pirelli tyres are fitted only as they should be - perfectly. 

Acting also as a training hub for the entire network, the Burton PPC allows network members to stay abreast of the very latest changes in available technology and best practice. All PPCs must pass a constantly evolving technical audit twice a year in order to remain a part of the Pirelli Performance Centre network. These tests may sound strict, but it’s not all clipboards and eagle-eyed Pirelli technicians! The depot with the best audit results is awarded with the title of Pirelli Performance Centre of the Year - an industry recognised achievement, which of course comes with an equally sought-after trophy.

Announced at the beginning of 2017, the winners for PPC of the year were STS Tyre Pros, Chester. Though recently renamed, (previously Central Tyre) their winning attitude and technical skills clearly haven’t changed one bit as they took home the prize for a second year in a row. And after achieving a near perfect score and being consistently praised by mystery shoppers, who visit during the interim between audits, the back-to-back plaudits are certainly well deserved.

Pirelli UK Managing Director Dominic Sandivasci said: “The PPC of the Year award is something that is very well respected and I pass on my congratulations to the whole team at STS Tyre Pros Chester. To win once is a fantastic achievement, but to win for two consecutive years is something quite special. It goes to show their ongoing commitment to the PPC programme and the level of service they offer to their customers.” 
The PPC experience, offered by dealers such as STS Tyre Pros, has already attracted some names and faces from the motoring world to our flagship Burton site. One of which was none other than supercar vlogger Mr JWW, who brought along his McLaren 675LT to receive the PPC treatment and fit winter Sottozero 3 tyres for an all-year-round road trip. 
And, of course, no vlogger would be complete without their camera! What resulted from Mr JWW’s visit to Burton was a detailed account of the experience, the site itself and an engaging breakdown of what #ThePerfectFit means within the walls of a Pirelli Performance Centre. Check out Mr JWW’s video and get a glimpse inside our Burton facility right here!

The Burton PPC sits at the heart of the Pirelli Performance Centre network, home to the auditing team and the latest in cutting-edge tyre tech. Amongst everything needed to perfectly fit and align a car's tyres is possibly the least imposing but most impressive bit of kit of all. Set into the floor before the depot’s two-story entrance are what could be described as two small speed bumps. These almost entirely missable bits of kit scan and analyse all four tyres the moment a car is driven through the door. A few moments later and a full tyre tread analysis is printed out and ready to be used by the technicians on hand. A small detail, but one which is emblematic of where technology meets customer care!

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